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Behind The Mask for the Summer of 2020 !


Well, folks, as if things could not get any worse this year as from 24th July we have been instructed by our government to wear muzzles in shops and supermarkets. Really ! Apart from the fact that it is not proven that wearing these beasts have any positive effect hasn't the horse already bolted here - shouldn't this have been done back in March/April at the height of the crisis ?

So, for the Crows, what should have been a long hot summer of Behind The Rain and Florida Sun some people are now going to endure a period of Behind The Mask.

To update the situation with the band our shows are gradually falling away and we are still very much unsure when we will play live again this year but we are already knuckling down for 2021 when we will be back 'out there' folk'n'rollin' and normal times can not return soon enough for all of us.

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the many people that have lost their lives during these past few months.

Fingers crossed for normality in 2021 !

In the meantime - let's do the muzzle.


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