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Band keep busy in the summer season...

The Old Country Crows are in the middle of a very busy but very enjoyable summer season of festivals and pub shows. There has been a type of south-coast tour over the past weeks visiting places such as Rochester, Chatham, Whitstable, Herne Bay, Dover and Folkestone. The band is playing well and Chris on guitar, mandolin, harmonica and vocals and Tim on bass and vocals are now well integrated into the Crows. Tim is locking-in well with Craig on drums culminating in the both of them producing and laying down a solid groove. The technical ability of Chris has added a new flavour to the band's songs. Although adding his own style to the numbers he has remained faithful to their original structure and is taking them to a different level.

There are more shows to come in the next few weeks and the band are still awaiting on confirmation for a debut appearance at a very special local festival. They are also looking forward to a first appearance at The Anchor in Wingham near Canterbury - a venue that has welcomed some very good bands and artists in recent years.

To keep the Crows even busier there are immediate plans to commence work on some new songs with a view to returning to the recording studio in the very near future. The plans are for an estimated release of an album in the spring of 2024.


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