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Another Christmas Song video !

The Crows are excited to announce the release of a Christmas video on 20th November 2018 for a song which is the lead track on their Christmas EP from 2017 'Another Christmas Song.' The song which is also entitled 'Another Christmas Song' bristles with the spirit of Christmas evoking memories of the days of Christmas Past spent with family and friends no longer with us. But is Christmas still the same ? Watch the video and decide yourself !

Anton French of AF Films produced and directed the video filmed in the Dover Studios of Ollie Seager.

Anton zooms in, zooms out, zooms in and zooms out, again !

The song, Another Christmas Song is the lead track on the Crow's 2017 Christmas EP entitled 'Another Christmas Song.' Track listing for the EP as follows : -

Another Christmas Song

Christmas Day

Carrying Christmas In Your Hands

Snow Over Southern England

The Other Side Of Evil

The EP is still available from the 'store' page on this website to purchase as a cd or to download.

Merry Christmas from The Old Country Crows - let's go and write another Christmas song !


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