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Album Launch Show 5-Year Anniversary - 31st August 2018

31st August 2018 sees the 5-year anniversary of the Crows' debut album launch show in the garden of the Fox Inn, Temple Ewell, Dover. It was an excellent evening back in 2013 with a brilliant outdoor stage set-up, superb professional sound system and a very appreciate audience. The 14-track self-titled debut album contained 3 tracks featuring the keyboard skills of Bryan Orwell. Bryan played at the launch show and recreated his work on the 3 Crow album songs along with some classic other numbers.

Ian plucks his bass at the launch show

Bryan Orwell offers his talent to Out in the Sun, Missing You and Two Lonely People

The following editorial was published on this website following the show : -

Guest keyboard player Bryan Orwell joined the band on stage at the Fox Inn, Dover Album Launch Show on Saturday 31st August 2013 and recreated his excellent playing on the album tracks Out In The Sun, Missing You and Two Lonely People. As a surprise for the audience Bryan led the way on the Stones' classic Let's Spend The Night Together. Bryan then climbed back up on stage for the finale which consisted of a rocking Route 66, a rousing Wagon Wheel and the jumping Chuck Berry number Bye Bye Johnny. Bryan is more than welcome as a part-time Crow at any time ! The show was a complete success with an excellent stage setting and fine weather conditions apart from the late evening chill ! The Crows were on fine form driven by the excellent percussion work of Paul Mold who, once again, brought out the Crow cajun box which sounded fantastic . Long live the box ! The band performed 12 tracks from the album on the evening. The show was opened by support act Deep Water performing songs from artists such as Kirsty McColl and Fleetwood Mac and were very well received by the audience.

Paul driving the band

The album is still available via this website as a hard copy cd or a download. The follow-up album has been a long time coming with no immediate dates set for any recording in the near future. A Christmas EP released in November 2017 saw the band return to the studio but, as this current time, there are no plans to return to the studio. At the present time the band have a repertoire of approximately 70 original songs so there is frustration that some of these numbers have not found a home on record. So those memories of 2013 will have to remain as the sole reminder of what the band can achieve on record - for the time being.

Thanks to all of you who indulged in the album and for your support of the band over the years.


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