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3 years ago today Crows in the studio for Behind The Rain and Listen to Me...

On Thursday 15th February 2019 the band entered the Dover Studios of Ollie Seager to commence recording of what would become the Behind The Rain album and Listen To Me EP.

With Ollie manning the control desk the band worked Thursday, Friday and Saturday laying down the tracks for 19 songs. 14 of these songs would form the Behind The Rain album and the remaining 5 completed the Listen to Me EP.

With illness, a couple of sore throats and a large dose of nerves the band ploughed through the sessions with gusto.

The following days and weeks saw the band lay down further tracks and vocals plus Bryan Orwell and Steve Moreham attending the studio to lay down their parts. And on 21st March the Mardi-Gras came to town with the recording of the vocals for Dust Of The Alamo. And a splendid time was had by all.

Ollie Seager - Recording Engineer

The recordings would not be released until March 2020 and June 2021 as the pandemic swept all things in it's path.

Copies of both releases are available from the 'store' page of this website and Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes and all the other usual suspects.


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