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Music Videos

Here are our 3 music videos


That's All I Know

Dreamland Video


Dreamland is the lead track on the self-titled debut album by The Old Country Crows. A sharp slice of pop within the classic three-minute time frame this song, with clever lyrics and a catchy melody, hooks the listener from the gentle opening chords of the acoustic guitar.


Reviewed by Chris Beck in the March/April issue of the excellent UK based Country/Americana Maverick magazine the album received a three-star rating and Chris promised of even better things to come from the band. Dreamland is included as track ten on the accompanying covermount cd of the issue.

The video was filmed on two freezing cold days in a forest on the outskirts of Canterbury in November and December 2013. Film producer, Anton French, insisted that he edited the video to make the band look younger but the three Crows insist that he managed to make them appear not to be freezing into oblivion which is how they seriously felt at the time.

How Anton managed to stay warm and in control of the situation we will never know !


Another Christmas Song video !

On Tuesday 20th November 2018 the Another Christmas Song video was released. Filmed and produced once again by the talented Anton French of AF Film, the master of our Dreamland video assembled the band at the Dover Studios of Ollie Seager to make a festive video.

Produced in time for Christmas 2018 the video is of the lead track from The Old Country Crow’s Christmas EP of 2017 entitled Another Christmas Song. Featuring well-known Kent legend Steve Moreham on violin the song bristles with Christmas spirit from beginning to end and highlights the experience of Christmas for people from different walks of life. The question asked is whether Christmas still retains the magic of past years and, if it does, then let’s all enjoy it !

The song and video features Steve Moreham. Steve has been playing violin since the age of 5 and is classically trained. He was a member of several symphony orchestras before extending his interests to include folk, rock, blues and jazz. Steve now plays in a variety of bands including Crisis with Chris Taylor, Chris Sadler and Julien Whitfield and Jezreels, a ceilidh band, gigging in pubs and playing festivals as well as session work, both live and recorded.

This video is dedicated to family and friends no longer with us but still with us all in our Christmas’s of years gone by.