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Songs, Pictures and Video’s


The Old Country Crows

Released August 2013 on Creeping Claw Records

Tracks :

  1.  Dreamland
  2. There’s Always Tomorrow
  3. Writing On The Wall
  4. When I’m Down
  5. Out In The /Sun
  6. Fall
  7. Missing You
  8. The Places I Have Been
  9. Too Many Pieces
  10. A Different Angle
  11. A Little History
  12. Two Lonely People
  13. Get A Vest On
  14. The Old Country Crows


Another Christmas Song EP

Released November 2017 on Creeping Claw Records

Tracks :

  1. Another Christmas Song
  2. Christmas Day
  3. Carrying Christmas In Your Hands
  4. Snow Over Southern England
  5. The Other Side Of Evil

Behind The Rain

Released March 2020 on Creeping Claw Records

Tracks :

  1. That’s All I Know
  2.  My Head Is Alright
  3. Ripple Creek
  4. Hand Of Fate
  5. Not So Long Ago
  6. When The Morning Comes
  7. Dust Of The Alamo
  8. Florida Sun
  9. The Right Side
  10. Heat Of The Sun
  11. The Last Train
  12. Till I See You Again
  13. Beer And Stuffing
  14. Behind The Rain

All songs performed on the Alan Hare Hospital Radio Medway Show